Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Prosper.Com Class Action Lawsuit

I received notification today of a class action lawsuit against Prosper.com. It's been several years since I loaned money through them and, in the end, I decided it wasn't for me. I know a couple of my readers also loaned money through them. I just wanted to make people aware that, if you loaned money through Prosper between January 1,2006 and October 14, 2008, you may be a member of the class action suit. Full details can be found at http://www.prosperclassaction.com.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

E-Card Obsession ... Top 20!

Well hello there :)

If you are on Pinterest on a daily basis like moi...
 then I am sure you are just as obsessed with these hysterical e-card pics as I am.

They literally crack me up, I find myself laughing out loud at all most all of them!

So in an effort to make everyone laugh on this holiday weekend ... I have compiled my

TOP 20

most relatable, absolutely crack your shit up, e-cards!

Drum roll please .... In no particular order ...  Enjoy :) Ha.

Hahaha what did we ever do before Pinterest?? 

I literally hate Crocs... always have, always will ... I tolerate them on the kids ONLY at the beach ha!

One word ... Hangry ha. I am totally guilty of this. 

Haha this is 100% COMPLETELY me ... I seriously would do this if I didn't think I would lose business lol I hate listening to voicemails! 
Hahahaha ... Patience is not something I am good with .. guilty again. 


So True!

If this were true, I would be so super skinny ha! 

Ha that is just funny period. 

Hahahaha I have several of those days. 

Love this ... LOL


Very true in the real estate business hahaha ;)

To all my 50 Shades friends haha ;) those books make you question if you are sane after you finish when you are slightly depressed you aren't reading anymore ha 

Hahahaah that one is seriously probably one of my top 3 favorites ever! 

Sad, but true ha  

Em this is for you :) It is true though, Lilly clothes make me happy ha :) 

And I have saved the best for last ... 
I think we can ALL relate to this one ... 

anyone who knows me well, knows I can totally concur with this ha. 

Happy Memorial Day weekend :)
PS. I promise to try to get back into the blogging swing .. I have been MIA and it's making me sad!
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Loan #24 Started

Last week, I took my money from the close of HML #21 and put it to work in a new loan. The new property is a single family home in San Pablo, California. the property was purchased at a foreclosure auction by one of our best clients, who is also personally guaranteeing the loan. The purchase price was $111,600. My partner estimates the current as-is value to be $120,000 and the after repairs value to be $140,000. Our loan is for $74,000, giving us an LTV of 61% of the current value or 53% of the repaired value.

There are a fair number of comps for this property, ranging from $120,000 to $165,000, so our after repair value is smack in the middle of that range.

The property is a 3 bedroom, 1 bath home of 958 square feet. It was built in 1950. It's got a one car garage and sits on a 5,000 square foot lot. My partner's assistant rates the neighborhood as a C-, which is typical for most of the loans we make. He rates the loan safety as a B, given the low LTV ratio.

The exterior appears to be in average condition. There are no readily visible problems with the roof or foundation. The condition of the interior is unknown. There was at least one other bidder at the auction for this property.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Summer Must Have's/Obsessions

Summer is basically right around the corner (June 20th to be exact!) so I figured it would be a good time to let yall in on my favorite Summer items :)

My faves ... In no particular order ....

Neutral Lip Gloss... 
MAC Pretty Plush 

Obsessed with this stuff, can't live without it! It's kind of a plumper so has a little tingle, be prepared ;)

Summer Pink Nails... 

Essie "Muchi, Muchi" and then the Sparkle is Essie "A Cute Above" 

A Cute Dress & Cowboy Boots :) 

One of my favorite Summer outfits ... so comfy, cute and easy! 

Non-Greasy, Smells Yummy, SPF ... 

This is my absolute favorite, you won't use any other SPF after you use this one! Smells so good and isn't all greasy and nasty feeling. Plus it kind of has a shimmer which is a plus :) 

A Good Summer Playlist for the Pool/Beach ...

This is my current playlist on my phone which constantly is on repeat (With the exception of Andy Grammer, that song drives me insane but it's Ava's favorite so I tolerate it lol, and yes that is Justin Bieber and yes that is for me and not the kids ha!) :) 

A Baby Pool in Your Backyard ...

No explanation needed ... Frankie and I love to lay out in the baby pool when we're too lazy to go to the real pool, lol :) 

Speaking of Frankie ... 

Summer Polo's for your Furbaby ...

Yes, Frankie has almost every color Polo shirt that he wears to cookouts, parties, etc in the Summer
Don't Judge Me. ;) He looks so handsome in them.

OK, these are major ... brace yourself... 

Monogrammed "Havaianas" Flip Flops from Swagstamp ... Order them NOW! 

Are those the absolute cutest thing you've ever seen in your life? I'm pretty sure they are!

Go to www.swagstamp.com .. they have different colors, and the "Swag Stamps" you can order different ones of and switch them out :) You're welcome, they're amazing ha. 

I was so excited when mine came in the mail this week ... 

Love them! Obsessed! I want every color :( 

Arm Candy...

I can never have too many bracelets on ... especially in the Summer w/ a tan and a cute tank top or dress :)
Cross Bracelet can be found at http://www.styleloveliving.com/studded-crystal-cross-wrap

Pink Grapefruit Margarita ...

1 cup ruby red grapefruit juice
1/2 cup fresh squeezed lime juice (about 4 limes)
1 cup triple sec orange liqueur
3 cups ice
1 cup silver tequila
1 lime cute in wedges, optional Kosher salt around rim 

Looks pretty and tastes yummy :) 

That sums up my Summer favorites at the moment :) Hope you enjoyed! Now just for fun two things that made me laugh outloud today when I read them ... 

hahaha funny thing is I say all of those lol 

And everyone needs a good dumb blonde joke every now and then ... so here ya go! 

LOL :) 
Hope you're having a great weekend!! 

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Obsession!

Well hello there!

Did you think I had just given up on blogging all together?

Of course not! :) I have just had some distractions lately!

Craziness is the only word to describe how my life has been these last few weeks!

So lets just go straight to the most important thing I've got going on right now...

Raise your hand if you have jumped on this bandwagon ?!?

Holy heck I can not stop reading! I am only on the first book... got it on my Kindle because literally every person I know is currently reading, has read, or is dying to read these books... so I felt like I was missing something!

Once I started.. I was sucked in and now I can't stop reading!

Just for fun ... and in case you haven't bought this book yet and need a reason to, lol, take a gander at some of my Fbook comments about it ... :)

Hahaha obviously you can tell with 22 "Likes" in a matter of minutes, that I am not the only one obsessed! Makes me feel better about myself ;)

Yes, it is a little soft core porn-ish in my opinion. Yes, a couple of times I was reading I felt like I should be reading on a bench in an XXX rated store ha. But it's still good. You can't help but keep reading.

If you haven't seen these on Pinterest yet ... I will share :)

Thanks Tommie haha loved it!! :) 

 And my personal favorite ... 

Hahaha that's pretty funny.

Lastly on my 50 Shades rant ... I went googling and just might have found a picture of Mr.Grey himself...
(well the guys who is chosen to play him in the possible upcoming movie ... warning.. this could all be rumor-mill ha! But if so, you can still use him to have a mental picture in your head while reading the books!) ...

Ian Somerhalder .... I die over him! 
(Emily Foushee Jenkins, this is for you hahaha! <3)

Not really what I pictured him to look like while reading the book .... BUT he's pretty freaking hot, so it works ha. 

Moral of the story ... if you've not starting reading these books then you must. Stat! 

If you have ... don't dare tell me anything about the second or third ones! 
I'm saving them for our vaca in a couple of weeks :) 

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Houston Apartment Turnaround?

I finally got the March numbers for the Houston apartment complex. Numbers were generally comparable to February - rent income in both months were up $10,000 over January numbers. Admin expenses were up $2,000 over February due to some legal bills incurred in working out late payments with vendors. Net income continues to improve, going from -$30,000 in January to -$10,500 in February to -$8,000 in March.

But a closer look reveals things may not be as rosy as they seem. One line item expense went from $2,000 in January to $3,000 in February to zero in March. This item? Security Services. No explanation was given and I've emailed management to ask what happened. If they got rid of security services, that might help the monthly bottom line (if you put it back in, we'd have basically the same net income as February), but we could get hit with vandalism repair bills in the future. I'm interested in hearing management's explanation for this.

But the better news is, because this report was so late, they were able to look at preliminary numbers for April and things look much better. April's total income looks to be $10,000 higher than March's and the highest revenue number since November 2010! Additionally, for May, the apartments are 95% occupied and 99% leased. This is due to increased marketing efforts and, according to management, an improving economy in the property's market area. Marketing costs in March rose $1,000 from February and rent concessions rose about $3,000. We'll see how those numbers compare to April. I should also note that, while rent concessions rose, the total amount is still $1,000 under the budgeted amount. This was pretty much offset, however, by the marketing costs being $1,000 over budget.

We've seen strong months come and go with this property. Things seem to improve for a couple months, only to fall back down again later. Hopefully the improvement will be sustained this time. That 99% leased number is quite encouraging.